Pegasus Inspections & Consulting LLC offers Radiography Testing (RT) to our clients to meet their needs in an ever changing global energy market.   Industrial radiography is used for a variety of applications using varying types of radiation.  Radiography is used to detect discontinuities in ferrous and nonferrous materials, castings, weldments and forgings to name a few.  Industrial radiography is a proven and time tested method of NDT for full volume metric inspection and allows for examiners to see external and internal defects.  RT also provides for a permanent record to have for future reference allowing clients to alleviate concerns or to get a second viewpoint when needed.  Industrial radiographymakes up approximately 64 percent of the nondestructive testing field and provides clients with an in-depth analysis of the test object.  Safety is paramount at Pegasus and is notably important when dealing with live radiation sources in a industrial setting.  Safe and knowledgeable technicians in dealing with data gathering and film interpretation in RT allows clients to receive actionable and reliable information in accordance with all industry, state, and federal standards.  Pegasus prides itself in maintaining and developing a safe and productive work environment and providing our clients with the best possible radiography testing in the industry.  Our team of qualified, certified, and professional radiographers at Pegasus work hard to produce quality results and to assist you in getting a quality product out to your client.  Call Pegasus today to speak with a company representative to discuss your needs and allow us to help you find the best method of NDT to get the results you need.


  • Quality inspection
  • Profile imagining 
  • Corrosion detection
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Water and foreign object entrapment

 Industries Served

  • Power
  • Petroleum
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Chemical
  • Aviation
  • Construction