We will provide industry-leading service and expertise in mechanical integrity (MI) and nondestructive testing (NDT) services. Pegasus Inspections & Testing Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality assurance services available on the market today. Pegasus strives to provide a safe work environment for employees. Our customers understand the value of wisdom in their Mechanical Integrity Programs. Our critical service solutions enhance our customers' ability to extend the useful life of their assets. Teamed with our clients, Pegasus works to improve productivity, minimize repair costs, and manage risk. Pegasus focuses on complying with all government, industry, safety and environmental regulations. We will endeavor to maintain our client’s trust through total commitment to quality and our business relationships.


Correct and consistent application of nondestructive testing methods depends heavily on personnel training, experience, and integrity. Our staff is dedicated to the mission of providing the best possible service to our clients.  All of our inspectors and technicians have years of onsite experience providing NDT services in a range of areas. Our personnel adhere strictly to industry specific and safety standards. Our approach is innovative and solutions focused. Pegasus has a commitment to delivering uncompromising quality that leads to long-term relationships and being a respected partner in the industry.